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Why Caring Is Important in Nursing















Caring is essential in the nursing profession because it helps with the healing process. It is a way for nurses to show empathy, compassion and emotional support towards their patients. Caring can be done in many different ways, including talking to an individual or supporting them physically.

Being kind is a way people understand caring. 

Caring is essential to nursing because it helps nurses get close to patients and enables the best possible medical treatment. It can also be emotional support that gives patients a sense of peace or security in hospital settings (Eccleston).


Schools of nursing and healthcare organizations are committed to patient-centered care by educating nurses to help them improve their understanding and skills in caring.

Nurses are taught to be compassionate, knowledgeable about patient needs, empathetic towards patients and families, empowering individuals with the correct information for decision-making (patient participation). These creative problem solvers generate positive outcomes from difficult 

situations by working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.

Nursing can show they care by:

  • Smiling Face

  • Making eye contact

  • Greeting the patient by their name

  • Sit next to the patient when conversing

  • Listen to everything attentively without interrupting

  • Carry out requests

  • Ask patients if they need something else

  • Answer questions


The first reason why caring is vital in nursing is that it helps with the healing process. Caring can be done in many different ways, including talking to an individual or supporting them physically. 

Nurses can show empathy and compassion towards their patients by providing care, which can help make a difference during tough recovery times. Another reason why caring is essential in nursing is that nurses need more than just compassion; they also require knowledge and skills to provide adequate care. 

This means that when there’s no one around who has this specific type of understanding, nurses must take on all tasks necessary so that health conditions do not worsen significantly before someone else arrives at the scene.




Task 1:    Write the definition of the word ‘essential’ 


Task 2: Find examples of the following: 

  1. 3 Adjectives 

  2. 3 Sophisticated Words 

  3. 2 uses of high punctuation 

  1. 2 Verbs 

  1. 1 Triple (Rule of 3)

Task 3: Check the meaning of the following sophisticated vocabulary and find 2 synonyms (similar word meanings) to match each word.  This really helps you develop your vocabulary! 

 NOTE: You can either complete the tasks on a word document and send to your tutor, or complete the tasks in your purple book and hand in to your tutor to mark.








1. Compassionate

2. Knowledgeable 

3. Empathy

4. Conversing

SYNONYMS   (words with similar meaning)

1. sympathetic, gracious, gentle




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