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Paper 2 Q5 - Ideas


  Focus: Writing Your Views                     Marks: 40                           Time: 45 mins



You must present your ideas in a clear, logical and detailed way.

Here is an example of a question 5 statement, taken from the June 2019 Paper

'It is the people who have extraordinary skill, courage and determination who deserve to be famous, not those who have good looks, lots of money or behave badly.'

Look at the examples of different level answers for question 5:

Level 1 - simple idea (point only)

​I agree with the student that people who have good looks and lots of money shouldn't be famous.

Level 2 - some ideas (point and some explanation)

I think that people with good looks don't deserve to be famous. For example, someone who is born beautiful hasn't worked hard to achieve that. They just posted some pictures on Instagram and got lots of followers and a contract with a big company.

Level 3 - clear ideas (Clear point and detailed explanation)

Firstly, many people become famous just because they are good-looking and I don't think that they deserve it. For example, a person may post pictures on Instagram and get thousands of followers. They then get offered sponsorship by big companies which makes them even more famous. However, what many people don't realise is that the pictures they post aren't real; they use special lighting and filters to make it appear 'natural'. This leads many young people who try to copy these 'looks' to feel like failures when what they are copying is actually unachievable.

Top tips!

- Make sure each of your points are clear.

- Plan your points so you can link them effectively.

- The theme of the writing is always linked to the reading sources so you might be able to use them for ideas.

- Write DAFOREST at the top of your paper 2 as a helpful visual.

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