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Further Practice

Paper 2 Question 1 

 Focus: Find 4 true statements                       Marks: 4                            Time: 4 mins

​​   ​
























Q1 should be an easy way for you to get 4 marks, but you still need to take care not to make careless mistakes. 

- Read each statement closely.

- Find evidence in the text to prove it true or false.

- You should end up with four true and four false statements.

- If you have more (or less) than four true statements, check each statement again.

- If you have a tricky statement that you're not sure about, read it again carefully and check for any similar sentences in the extract which look similar.

Top tips!

- The evidence in the text will appear in the same order as the statements.

- Look out for similar words and phrases in the extract to help you decide.

How are you marked?

- You shade the circle inside the box for each statement you think is true.

- Each correct answer gets one mark.

- If you change your mind, put a cross through the box.

- If you change your mind again, put a circle around the box.

- If you choose more than four answers, only the first four are marked.


How to succeed

  • Check EVERY statement.

  • Find evidence for each statement to prove it true or false.

  • Use a process of elimination for tricky ones.

Common mistakes

  • Not checking every statement.

  • Guessing.

  • Not reading closely.

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