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Paper 1 Question 1 

Focus: List four things                           Marks: 4                                    Time: 4 mins

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Q1 should be an easy way for you to get 4 marks, but you still need to take care not to make careless mistakes. 

- Read the question carefully. List four things about....what?

- Check the line numbers. You can't take information from outside those lines, or from the box at the top.

- Choose simple, clear explicit information that links to the question.

- Write it in a short sentence. You might need to re-word the information to make it clear.

Top tip! Start each answer with the subject of the question. For example:

-List four things about the boy. The boy / He....

-List four things about the bird. The bird/ It...

-List four things about the weather. The weather / It...

How are you marked?

There is one mark for each piece of correct information.

- If you write more than one correct piece of information on the same line, you get marks for each one. E.g. The boy is tall, dark and handsome. = 3 marks.

- If you copy out the whole text from the given line numbers, you get no marks.

How to succeed

  • Find clear, explicit information.

  • Write in short sentences.

  • Keep within the line numbers.


Common mistakes

  • Using inferred, implicit information.

  • Writing one word answers.

  • Taking information from outside the line numbers.

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