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At the start of both exams, you should spend 15 minutes reading and annotating the sources. Annotating can be highlighting, underlining, circling or writing notes on the text.

Why annotate?

  • Keep track of key ideas.

  • Help deeper understanding.

  • Encourages you to analyse, interpret and make inferences.

  • Easily refer back to parts of the text.

What to annotate

You should annotate anything in the text that will help you answer the reading questions. This should be a mixture of picking out parts of the text and then writing notes about it. For example, if you underline a language or structural feature make a note of the EFFECT of it on the reader/ story.

Paper 1

  • language techniques and interesting vocabulary

  • mood and atmosphere

  • structural features

  • key plot moments

  • development of characters

  • your inferences about the story and characters

  • links and connection between parts of the story.

Paper 2

  • similarities/differences between the texts

  • language techniques and interesting vocabulary

  • language/structure/tone that shows writers' perspectives

  • your inferences about the information

Example annotations






























Further Help

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