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Analysing is a key skill for P1 Q2 and Q3 and P2 Q3.

To analyse = to examine something in detail in order to explain and interpret it.


If you make one simple comment, you won't have detail. If you explain and interpret, it will give you the detail you need.


Break your main point down into smaller 'sub' points and explain each one. Link your ideas clearly to the story/characters/article/ etc. For example, imagine you are analysing some language. Your main point is:

The writer uses the adjectives 'mean' and 'red' to describe the rat's eyes.


Now you need to break that down and explain 'mean' and 'red' separately:


'Mean' portrays the rat as being cruel and shows that it might do harm to someone. 'Red' has connotations of danger, evil and blood. The rat would look like something from a nightmare or horror film with its eyes glowing in the dark. It could also symbolise that the rat is the enemy in the story.

Notice that the student gives more than one interpretation of the words. The more ideas you have about what a word or phrase means, the more details you have and potentially MORE MARKS.

Top Tip!

  • It's better to write in detail about one point than switch quickly from point to point.

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