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It's a myth that you can't revise for English Language! You know exactly what the ten questions will be. The skills (or assessment objectives) you need to include in each question remain the same, and that's what you need to revise. The only thing that changes are the reading sources.

Top Tips


1. Know what's being assessed 

Each question has certain skills that get you the marks. You must know what these are. Click here for a list of all the assessment objectives for Paper 1 and Paper 2. 


2. Read the mark schemes

The mark schemes list all the assessment objectives and have examples of answers at each level. The newer ones (from Nov 2018 onward) are colour coded to show you what the skills look like in an answer. You can find them on the Practice Papers pages of this website.

3. Watch videos

There are video tutorials for each question on this website and on the Links page. Watch a few to find a teacher who you like and can understand the best. You can pause the videos to make notes as you go along, or just listen multiple times to let the information sink in.

4. Complete practice papers

There are numerous practice papers for Paper 1 and Paper 2. We'll only do some of them in class so make sure you do the other ones for yourself.

5. Use the revision workbooks

6. The LRC has a wide variety of e-books you can access and read to help develop your skills Welcome to Heritage Online 3.7 (​  Also there are a variety of short stories, all genres, available here Short Stories at East of the Web

7. Go to revision classes

The college provides revision classes, so make sure you go!


8. Ask questions

We have an expert team of lecturers here who are all ready and willing to help you. If you don't understand something, ASK!

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