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Writing Practice 1:


Choose one element from each of the columns (A, B, C), and write a 'hook' to a story or a description.

Make sure you use the visuals, below, to help you.   Do not write more than two pages!  QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY!

Once you have completed this writing task, send it to your English tutor for marking.

It's all about the planning, so remember to think about:

  • The main character (protagonist)

  • Where you are (setting)

  • Time of day/year

  • What you are doing

  • How you feel

  • How others feel (another character)

  • Does the weather make anything happen?

  • Add some powerful verbs, adverbs and adjectives

  • Vary your sentence & paragraph starts and lengths

  • Add language devices such as: similes, metaphors, personification, oxymoron etc.

When you have a plan, it can really help you bring your story/description to life!

Here's an example of how to plan your story/description.

Make sure use the checklist below to check your story/description, as this helps your writing make an impression on the examiner!

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