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Paper 1 Q5 - Ideas


  Focus: Description / Narrative                     Marks: 40                           Time: 45 mins


Ideas for creative writing can come from various places.

The picture


There will always be a picture to inspire you. It could be linked to a description or a narrative. Remember that you can go beyond the picture and interpret it in any way you like. It's there to help you, not restrict you. For example, in the picture of the market in the example question here you could imagine people, food and objects that aren't in the picture. 

The reading source

The topics for the writing will be linked to the reading source, so you can get inspiration from it. In the example question we looked at here, the story in Section A involved a girl being left on the roadside by her father. This might give you ideas for a story about being 'abandoned'.


It's fine to take ideas from other things you've seen or read, but try to make it your own. Change names -the examiner doesn't want to read about another Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker. Plots for whole films or books are far to complicated to reproduce in a short story. Just take a particular moment or scene for inspiration. For example, the moment a child finds out they have magical powers or when a young man finds out who his father is.​

Your life

​Using events from your own life is fine - just remember not to write it in a factual way. It needs to be full of descriptive language.



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